Home Based Business: Don’t do what everyone else is doing.

I am just wanted to share a little story with you and hopefully provoke a little thought about a home business and what it could look like. I got on my phone to look at Instagram. I was going through there and yes I do sometimes when I'm bored.

You know how we'll just thumb through there and we look at the pictures and we like them. I came across this friend of mine and she said in her post and little picture “I'm eligible for retirement in 3 months.”

She's about my age maybe a year or two younger and I got to thinking about it. I'm not eligible for retirement and I'm not even sure that retirement right now would be enough.

What I have saved would not give me the money that I want or need when I retire and I don't know what her situation is.

You know I've done a lot of things over the years. I have not stayed with the same job as she obviously has for the last 20 to 25 years.

I had a jewelry business I had for 12 years or almost 13 years where I manufactured millions and millions of dollars worth of jewelry for people all over the country. And I've had various other businesses.

I've done you no different job so you know I've had things on my bucket list when I was in my twenties I wanted to do. I've done though so have a lot of jobs and you know now I'm a licensed social worker and I'm a solopreneur and I'm so I'm you know transitioning and in I've got a plan and so I was thinking when I read that I thought well you know it in two years I'm going to be eligible to retire and I will have the income that I that I want and need and you know I've got you know like most people I hopefully have money set aside but you know it's just the kind of leaves me shaking a little bit because it's.

Not what I want I don't want to live paycheck-to-paycheck so I started a home business and it's an internet business and not here to tell you all about my business but what I want to do is just ask you you know obviously you're watching this video and you're must be thinking about a home business if you don't have one and maybe you do have one but if you're in that place where you're in that.

Set my retirement age you know around 50 and you are thinking you know in 10 to 15 years you like to retire my question is do you have the money do you have the resources to retire and live the lifestyle that you would like to.

And you know I'm not going to make any guarantees that if you do a b and c or do even what I tell you that you could have that that's you know that's just totally crazy to do that.

But my point is simply this.

Do you have a plan that you could work or a business or some idea to get you into that place where you can retire at a reasonable age and have the resources the income that you would like that's a question so you know the thing about it is is that small business and businesses are definitely the way to go look back on the small businesses I had and you know I would you know sometimes I wonder why I got out of it for me I just followed my heart and that's where I am today and end some I've had a passion for it is Business and Entrepreneurship.

And so if you're in that place maybe you don't have a business and you're thinking about it what one thing would you do today to move you in that direction or maybe you do have a home business.

What one thing would you do today.

That would improve your situation or help bring revenue or get new clients or get more leads or what one thing would you do to improve your business so that's up I want to leave you with that.

Because that's really a question I ask myself all the time what one thing am I going to do today not this year but today that I'm going to do to move my business forward am I going to create a product am I going to create a video am I going to write a blog post it when am I going to do to get out there in front of people and so that's the question of you know you have to always be asking yourself when you have a home business because nobody's going to come along with your clipboard and check off to see if you got your you know you're to do stunt today or if you're meeting your productivity or if you're getting all the jobs that are lined up out it's up to you but the beautiful thing is is that you are in control and you get to have the last word and if you want time off all you have to do is to take that time off so I would encourage you to answer that question today take a piece of paper and write it down what one thing would you do different today or do an addition to what you're doing it would move your business forward so I don't know. And if you have any questions quick the link down below and please feel free to come and send me an email on at bills work-at-home business.com and I would love to get to know you and have a conversation around that so have a great day God bless you.

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