Value and Respect Your Place of Business

Speaking of “Push Button, Set it and Forget It” marketing there is no such thing.  While you can automate a lot of your marketing it requires you follow up and be involved with your customer.  This brings me to the topic of this post today which is “etiquette” and “Respect” for those we do business with and for the place in which we conduct business.

Whether you are new or a veteran in the Internet Marketing space, etiquette and how we conduct ourselves needs to be a Golden Rule we live by.  No only that, this place where we conduct business and make our livelihood or are working at making a living is a space we need to protect like an endangered habitat. 

Internet Marketing has taken its share of bad raps due to people conducting themselves in shoddy manners.  There are some out there that give everyone a bad name because they are scamming and trying to get over on people for a measly dollar. It is these same people who make it hard for you and I to make a living because of the distrust they create.

 My encouragement today is to value not only this space we work and operate in called the respectInternet but to also respect and build up those that are reputable and share the same values you and I do.  There is one way I would offer that would go a long way in assuring that the Internet is a place where people can come and build a huge Home/Internet business for years to come. This one way I am presented is not the only way, but one way I want us to consider today.

 This is not to say that all the scum bags out there who don’t care about leaving a trail of destruction and harm behind them will be eliminated by our conduct, but we can all do our part to make this place we call the Internet an enjoyable place to do business and a more difficult place for people who are up to no good to operate.

 There is no limit to the size of business you can build on the Internet. Of the many ways to maintain and protect this wonderful place called the Internet there is one way I would like to share.  This is of course is not an exhaustive list. 

 One way is to become a part of the community of people who are devoted to doing business the right way and have a deep respect of the place that they do business.  One place to engage a community of people is on forums. 

 I used to think that forums were a waist of time.  But in actuality forums are a great place to engage with people who are like minded, interested in the same things you are, and share the same values you do.  There are forums for any and every interest and Niche you can imagine. 

 The best way to find a forum in your niche or interest is to go to Google and put in your interest followed by the word “forum.”  For example I am looking for forums on real estate.  I would type in “real estate forums” or “real estate “forums””.  When you do this, there are more forums than you can count that will show up in your search.

etiquetteThis is not to say there are not spammers in the forums but the more of us that are in there conducting ourselves with etiquette and consideration of others those that are not will weed themselves out.  The more of us that conduct ourselves with etiquette the more difficult it will be for those that are trying to ruin it for all of us.

 A great forum for Internet Marketers is the “Warrior Forum.”  This is a place where you can interact with people who are successful in the field of Internet Marketing and want to share with you what they know.  This field is a supporting and wonderful group of people, in fact one of the nicest groups of people I have met.

Forums are wonderful communities of people who are amazing people who value and protect the place where they do business.  I have learned a lot from hanging out in forums just reading posts.  The worst thing a person can do and which is not appreciated or tolerated by moderators is posting two or three word prost with no substance or meaningful content.  Another thing that is not tolerated is spammers going around and leaving their affiliate link everywhere like graffiti on a wall.

Be a part of supporting our community of business people and join the Warrior Forum at and  The two links I have just provided are not affiliate links.  They are plain ole’ links for you to follow and join the community that will provide you the support you will value like gold.

There is a premium membership on the Warrior Forum I would encourage anyone to join and be a part of because the benefit is an amazing deal.  There are forums like the Warrior Forum for every possible niche or interest you could imagine.

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