Work At Home Business: Are You Pushing The Needle?

Are you pushing the needle? This is a question that is not often a term that is not often understood or used in terms of a work at .

Pushing the needle refers to making progress to experience growth in any life situation or more specifically in your business.

This is an important question to ask yourself. Am I pushing the needle? In other words, are you making progress in your business or are you simply standing still experiencing feelings and emotions?

In this article, we are going to discuss two things that are necessary in order to push the needle forward in your business. It's important though to realize that without any forward movement in your business you will see no notable progress or growth.

Feelings and emotions in this sense of being busy often give somebody a sense of making some sort of progress. It's important however to look at your progress objectively.

Take a moment and look at where you are in your business and look back to a previous date and time, this could be a year, or even six months, and ask yourself are you still in the same place or have you made progress.

If you could visualize a needle on a gauge from 0 to 100 how far would that needle be moved in reference to the progress that you have made?

These are not popular questions and they don't feel good. They're not intended to, these questions are intended to provoke thought and create some discomfort.

Of the many things we could discuss that are relevant to making progress in your business I think it's important to start with probably the most important and fundamental elements of progress. This is not only true in business but just about any endeavor, you will take on in life.

The two key components or ingredients to long-term change and success our consistency and process.

Without these two elements being present you are at risk of falling into the trap of emotions and a false sense of progress due to busyness.

Avoid the trap of false momentum. . .

We talked a lot about passive incomes and streams. This concept of passive income, doing the work one time and getting paid many times for it is intriguing if not captivating thought and idea.

When setting goals are creating a vision of where you want to be in a later time in the future it is good to start with the end in mind.

The pitfall here is that many people don't ever come back to the starting line. Too often It is believed that somehow by just imagining things will happen and take place in our life.

I hate to be the one to break the news to you but this just isn't going to happen. The only way you will move the needle forward is to take a step or two back to the starting line.

Keep the end in mind and a vision of what that looks like but don't lose sight of the journey that will be required.

Anything in life worth having will require a certain amount of effort and work. This can be a daunting thought simply because there is no way of knowing what is between the present moment and the end that you envision.

This is what will separate you from the majority. If everything was easy everybody would be doing it. You first have to be willing to do what most people wouldn't think of doing. And that is sitting out on the journey to your vision and dreams.

There is a little Lake called Lake Catherine in the Pecos mountains of New Mexico. It is one of my favorite places to be, and one of my favorite places to fish.

It's about a 13-mile hike from the start of the trail to this little Lake high in the mountains. I can envision it in my mind and can hardly wait to get there when I set out.

All I can think about is getting there, breathing in the clean cool air, and taking in the scenery while I fish. But to get there I have to get out of the truck, put on my backpack, put on my hiking boots and tie them up tight, and take the first step.

This Trail starts at the parking lot at a ski basin. The trail out of the parking lot seems like it goes straight up. And when you're on this Trail it has a feeling of never-ending.

The trail continues for many miles around ridges up and over ravines with drastic changes in elevation. And this hike is completed one step at a time. The steps taken are done so one after the other constantly without stopping.

It is a difficult hike and demands a lot from the hiker. Once I'm at my destination standing on the bank of this beautiful little Lake I am glad that I made the trip.

Pushing the needle is a lot like going on a treacherous hike to your favorite destination.

It's the little things that count. . .

Most people we'll start out take a few steps but never complete their Journey.

Just like the hike I just described, if I got out of my truck and only took a hundred steps in comparison to the complete Journey I would have made very little progress.

The same can be true in your business. It's the mini hundreds if not thousands of Tiny Steps done consistently that will make the difference throughout the journey.

What's more important then one small action is the consistency I'm doing that small action over and over again.

People start blogs all the time. The biggest reason people don't succeed as bloggers is that they write three or four articles and wonder why people are not coming to their site.

The biggest reason is that Google wants original content and they want a lot of it. They are not going to rank a Blog just because it's new and has a few articles on it.

Google looks at websites over a long period of time. They are looking for consistency in the publishing of original helpful content.

I will make you a promise that if you look at any successful blog it has a lot of content on it. This content placed there over a period of time which meant that someone was consistent in their efforts.

If on the other hand, you are building small passive income machines you are not going to create the income needed or desired off of just one little machine.

It's going to take many passive income machines. It doesn't matter what these machines are or streams of income are but it is the multitude of these passive income streams that make the big difference.

Let's break that down a little bit further. Let's say that each one of these little income streams, or machines, takes three weeks to build and implement.

It will be the consistency of building these income streams over a period time that's going to pay off.

Being consistent over time creates processes. . .

The processes that are created over time or where you begin to see your efforts pay off exponentially.

Let's use the example of weight loss. Every year people sign up for gym memberships. They do this for a number of reasons but for this example let's say that a person wants to lose just 20 pounds.

Again starting with the end in mind they imagine themselves being able to do certain activities that they aren't able to with that extra 20 lb. Or maybe they imagined them self being able to wear certain clothes or look a certain way.

Either way, if they don't start doing something like getting up in going to the gym after buying that membership they will never see any change. Actually going to the gym on a consistent basis is the small steps done consistently.

Let's just assume that all they did was go to the gym and walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes four times a week.

Over time they start to see progress and decide that they will try other exercises that are available to them. Maybe they do some weight lifting.

Then they progressed on to circuit training. The longer they continue this process of training they begin to figure out what works best for them.

So now they are no longer just going to the gym and walking on the treadmill but they have developed a process of training where they can get optimal results.

The same principle can be applied to your business. Taking the first step in being consistent in taking the one after that and so on is important.

Over time you will begin to try different things and develop a process. It is this process that makes the growth happen quicker and easier.

Let's say for example you create tiny videos that review products in the health and wellness niche. Your first one or two videos all by themselves are not going to do much for you.

However, having an army of videos working for you around the clock that people can access information will begin to pay off.

In this process of creating videos, you realize that it takes a long time. The more you do it you begin to realize that there are processes that you can put in place that help you streamline the video creation and helps you to put out a better quality video.

To get to this process you have to take the first step and the one after that and do it on a consistent basis. Once you've done that then you can begin to realize and create processes that streamline your business.

It is going through this journey of consistency and process that will help you to realize your dreams and goals.

Take a first step and review this Passive Income Steam

Passive Income: What is it?

Passive income is income that is paid over a long period of time for doing the initial work one time. Passive income can be created in many ways such as real estate, getting paid interest, and by creating businesses that will pay out over a long period of time without having to put in daily or consistent work.

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